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4 State Trailers Financing

Here at 4 State trailers, we can easily send trailer information to your bank or credit union to get them what they need to provide financing for you on any of our trailers if this is a good option for you.

We partner with Sheffield Financial to offer financing on our new trailers from the following brands: 4 Star, ALUMA, Continental Cargo, Featherlite, Midsota, Titan, and WW Trailers. Some used trailers are also eligible. (This is not an option for our new trailers from COOSE, EZ-Haul, Friesen, or Polar King.) Sheffield makes things fast, and we can often get paperwork completed within 45 minutes. Financing is available for consumer or commercial customers. To learn more about this financing option, click on the Sheffield Financial logo below. The links below the logo will allow you to pre-qualify or fill out a full application.


Apply for financing!

Get Pre-Qualified today with no impact to your credit!

We also partner with Rock Solid Funding as another option for you! They offer financing options for a wide range of trailers and credit scores. Financing is available for consumers and commercial customers. For more information on this financing program, click on the logo below. You can also apply at the link below the logo.  


Apply for financing!

We also have another finance option available here that you apply for in our store. We will need a valid driver's license and credit or debit card as 2 forms of ID. The loan origination costs are higher, but interest rates are lower than other options. 2-6 year notes from 3.99-5.99% APR. Good credit and low debt to income ratios are the keys to this plan. It is a signature loan with no lien on the trailer, and in many cases there is no down payment required. Usually, the entire process from application to hooking up is complete in 30-45 minutes!!

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