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We are an authorized dealer of B&W Trailer hitches, and we keep a wide variety of their products in stock.  The B&W Turnoverball is the best gooseneck hitch you can buy! (We install this hitch in your truck for only $600 plus tax) It is extremely versatile; a gooseneck ball when you need it, and a level bed when you don't. There are many attachments available for the Turnoverball. These include the high rise ball, a 4" setback ball for shortbed trucks, the Companion 5th wheel hitch, and more! We keep the Turnoverball in stock for most models of pickups, so you likely won't need to wait for an ordered hitch to come in! We also stock the Companion 5th wheel hitch that connects to the Turnoverball gooseneck hitch to give you the ultimate in towing versatility and convenience. Other B&W products we carry include the Defender locking gooseneck coupler, the Extend-a-Goose coupler which moves a trailers nose 10" back while still keeping the weight directly over the ball, and the Tow&Stow which is the most versatile receiver hitch available. Click on the B&W logo above to learn more about this all-American company and the great products they produce.