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**We are doing our very best to get our inventory replenished. Our manufacturers are getting us trailers as fast as they can. However, the demand for trailers is very high, thus lead times are very long (5-10 months on most trailers). We have several hundred trailers on order currently, and we order more several times a week. Pricing is also going up on all trailers due to the dramatic increase in the cost of steel and other materials. Remember, unless you have a deposit on a trailer, availability is not confirmed!** Pricing is now seldom guaranteed even with a deposit on ordered trailers**

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EZ-Haul Hay Handlers - at 4 State Trailers

           4 State Trailers is your local source for the popular EZ-Haul Hay Handlers from T&B Welding. This is the origingal double cradle latch design that has been working smoothly and reliably for farmers in the Midwest since 1992!

           Wecome to the easiest way to haul your hay! Simply fire up that tractor with the hay spikes on the front, push those bales on from the rear of the trailer until it is full, pull the load to the spot that you want to store your large round bales, unlatch the cradle, and lift the leverage bar which tilts the entire cradle, coupler and all, to the passenger's side, and the hay rolls off in a row! A couple of major benefits are attained with this method of hauling, you don't need to strap the hay, and you don't need a tractor to unload!

           Each EZ-Haul Hay Handler comes with a 3 year structural warranty! Please click on the EZ-Haul logo below to visit their website and learn even more! Stop by or call us today to start hauling hay the EZ way! We are here to help you with that!


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